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Monday, August 17, 2009

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gifting someone is an act of showing affection. We gift our friends and families during special occasions. Occasions like Christmas, New Year, birthdays and anniversaries, give us all the more reasons to gift our beloved ones. Gifting is sensitive. You can’t buy a 3 year old an X-BOX 360. When it comes to adults, it could be personal things. They love it when you have remembered something that was long forgotten. If you can’t find a special thing like that, you can always buy things they could actually use. A car would perfect that is if you can afford it.

For kids, there are always toys. But believe their parents won’t really appreciate it. Because they are tired of all the toys, lying scattered on the living room. Here is where I pitch in my idea. You can buy them personalized plates and placemats with their favorite cartoon character or animal. If you want to please the parents, buy them personalized towel wraps and kids nap mats. They dirty it often, parents would have buy them again. Your gift could really be helpful

Man who sold the Mercedes…

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The movie script was initially named Radiator, after Gladiator. Due to requests from lots of people and the obvious reason the title dint make any sense, we were compelled changed the title.

The story inspired from the bestselling book – Monk Who Sold The Ferrari by Robin Sharma, who is also a co-script writer for this movie. Does it ever make you wonder, why every book you buy has the word Best Selling in the covers? That’s really not our concern is it?

This story is about a rich millionaire, who falls in bad way with some bad people and ends up losing his fortune. Then he sells his Mercedes. EOS –End of Story… Alright Alright… I’ll give you the full story if you promise me not to sell this to those best selling directors who make crappy movies and people actually buying that crap. Man… What has happened to all those men that a cute girl has to fall in love with a Vampire who wears lipstick…

So here it goes… I meant the story…

Long ago, not so long ago, when exactly I don’t know, lived a talented business man with skills that made him a millionaire. He was one among top 5 business man in the world quoted by times magazine, which is by the way a bestselling magazine. One day he decided to get married. He found a nice girl, nice thats what he thought. Nobody ever told him women are multi-facet people, some faces are scarier than the real one.

He married her, everything was fine for a week or two, then shit got sour and eventually it hit the ceiling. Don’t ask me how that happened? It’s a figure of speech. So this girl became nagging, demanding, annoying and all possible bad – ing’s . She began to suffocate him, so he stayed away from his house on one pretext or the other. Its been almost a month, he realized he cant live like this forever. So he went home to set things straight. There he found his wife with another man. In bed. Without clothes. I know you perverted minds are expecting more, but this aint a porno flick. It’s a really nice movie with a message to the young society. She was having an affair. Period.

They got divorce; she got most his fortune, board of directors screwed him over for the rest. Like I said he fell in bad way with bad people. Now what he had was his Mercedes and Armani suit he was wearing. He started driving his car contemplating suicide, ramming his car over the barricade off from cliffs. Yeah he watched movies too…

Then he saw a beggar clad in torn up clothes, happily singing, playing his guitar. He pulled over walked to beggar. Man, “Why you so happy? You got nothing… “. Beggar, “Exactly… I don’t have to worry about losing anything. Passersby’s give me food… all I do is sit here sing…” Man was really impressed. Man, “How about I give you my Mercedes and in return you give me this spot and your guitar”. Beggar hesitatingly, “I don’t know…” Man, “Alright I’ll give you my Armani suit… Hows that sound?”

Beggar got the suit and Mercedes, he knew instantly that this was his lucky day. He sold the car took the money to las vegas and won the jackpot. Now he’s settled down in California. Now owns a big house and married to playboy playmate 2009 Jayde Nicole
The Man???

He still sings on the streets for a living… By the looks of his face I think he’s happy…

The hero of the story is Chriz-Man, yeah the same nutty blogger since 1982

Chriz-man I really hope you dont mind... :P

Whisper The Werewolf

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It was the age of darkness, where man had to live in fear of monsters and demons, reigned the mighty Werewolf, Whisper. The most dreaded day came…
“Hang on… I haven’t shaved my basement yet!” Whisper.
“No… blade….”

In jumps a guy in black coat, black shades, black hair, black ass and astonishingly white teeth. Yeah you guessed right. No sorry I don’t give chocolates for right answers. He shows up gritting his teeth to imply he’s all angry and shit. All hell breaks loose… Fists thrown, punches, kicks and blood everywhere. It was too late and whisper realized he should kept the shaving for a rainy day…

He sees a light at the end of tunnel and realizes he’s being pulled on to it.
“Yo kid… How you been on earth…? Naughty or Nice…”
“You are not Santa Dog with double g, St.Peter just let me in… “
“Chill homey… You gotta redeem yourself before you set foot in heaven….”
“Redeem ?”
“From the sins you committed… Here I got it all in this book… First for mangling little Marie’s baby doll…”
“Hey my teeth were all sore that day… You should be happy I dint mangle little Marie…”
“Next for disturbing Mr.Pierce’s sleep every full moon night with your howling”
“Howling?... Those are love moans baby…”
“Love moans? But why on full moon night?”
“Like humans we don’t have the advantage of Electric bulbs… I need to know what goes where… I don’t wanna land in the wrong side of town and end up being called a Dirty Prick…”
“Smart answers not gonna help you whisper… You are sentenced to burn in fires for 10 days…”
“10 days?... I would be dead by then…”
“Remember whisper you are already dead… You ll just feel the pain…”
“Jeez… I thought hell was a different place…”

After 10 long days Whisper found himself standing on long queue.
“Hey buddy what are we doing standing in the queue?”
“We gonna meet God… and we can choose our next birth…”
“That’s not bad… what would I wanna be… lemme think… Dragon? Naah…I got syneses… How about a hot girl everyone craves? Like Pam… Psst… I wouldn’t like people drumming on my tities…. Hotel Heiress? Then everyone would be downloading my sex tapes…. I know… I ll become that and get back at blade… The V thing…”
You see werewolf’s are not allowed say the V-word. Crap, I am allowed say that, Vampire… Whisper wanted to be a vampire….

Now whisper stood face to face with God…
“I want to be the thing that sucks blood”
“That has wings”
“Is that it…?”
“I guess”
And God made him….

Why would anybody wanna have wings there? Its not aero-dynamically a good place to have wings…

This could happen you know… You are making out with a girl… Kissing fondling and you pull down her panties and a pair of wings flutters out…. EEESSSSHHHH…. I just grossed myself out… Next time with another story….


I was on the bus the other day. It was nearing its last stop. Not many people in the bus. I looked around, I saw this cutie sitting couple of seats before. I went and sat opposite to her. Staring outside for a few seconds, I turned to her, “Hi... I’m Nithin.” She turned away clearly trying to avoid me. I continued, “this is where you give me your name... or... if you had a boy friend, your finger instead.” She blurted out a laugh and tried to hide it. Ah the bird is mine. “Come on... you can tell your name atleast...” I said. “Neha...” “Well Neha... I’m not good with names. I’m great with numbers. Can I get your number?”

This is where everything flipped 180. You know the girls, how they try to be smart. She said, “8”. I was like eight? I was expecting the remaining 8 digits. I asked, “Just 8?”
She said, “That’s my sandal size...” with a smile, you know when you have accomplished something. Nothing big,but it’s a big deal for you, like 1st rank in 3rd grade. I was really pissed off. Trying to be smart eh...

I said," Thats great... I'm seven... And I'm not talking about my sandals"

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Thursday, May 14, 2009

IMDB rating 5.8/10

Director P.J.Hogan

Tag Line - All she wanted was little credit...

Struggling with her debilitating obsession with shopping and the sudden collapse of her income source, Rebecca Bloomwood unintentionally lands a job writing for a financial magazine after a drunken letter-mailing mix-up. Ironically writing about the very consumer caution of which she herself has not abided, Rebecca's innovative comparisons and unconventional metaphors for economics grants her critical acclaim, public success, and the admiration of her supportive boss Luke. But as she draws closer to her ultimate goal of writing for renowned fashion magazine Alette, she questions her true ambitions and must determine if overcoming her "shopaholic" condition will bring her real happiness. Written by The Massie Twins


BMW - the dream cars

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BMW are the best cars ibt he whole world.

The functionality and style are beyond excellence. The elegance of the long wheel base alloy is not by chance, it is to provide enough interior space. After all true style is never just the pose, its the performance. The nappa leather interior gives it a excellent look. 

The comfort seats for driver and passenger are ergonomically designed and they are electronically adjustable. The Electric tow hitch is automatic, it appears only when used.The mirrors with the body color, merge elegantly with the automobile. 

The Front grille is the best of them all. It defines the vehicle. It speaks for itself.  The light weight cast alloy wheel are rigorously tested and they have high tensile strength.