Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gifting someone is an act of showing affection. We gift our friends and families during special occasions. Occasions like Christmas, New Year, birthdays and anniversaries, give us all the more reasons to gift our beloved ones. Gifting is sensitive. You can’t buy a 3 year old an X-BOX 360. When it comes to adults, it could be personal things. They love it when you have remembered something that was long forgotten. If you can’t find a special thing like that, you can always buy things they could actually use. A car would perfect that is if you can afford it.

For kids, there are always toys. But believe their parents won’t really appreciate it. Because they are tired of all the toys, lying scattered on the living room. Here is where I pitch in my idea. You can buy them personalized plates and placemats with their favorite cartoon character or animal. If you want to please the parents, buy them personalized towel wraps and kids nap mats. They dirty it often, parents would have buy them again. Your gift could really be helpful


Chriz said...

i love gifts...
will send you my address..

hope you would be sending some nice gifts across

Karthik said...

hmmm... seems like a nice gift idea dude.
will check them out.

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