Sunday, May 24, 2009

I was on the bus the other day. It was nearing its last stop. Not many people in the bus. I looked around, I saw this cutie sitting couple of seats before. I went and sat opposite to her. Staring outside for a few seconds, I turned to her, “Hi... I’m Nithin.” She turned away clearly trying to avoid me. I continued, “this is where you give me your name... or... if you had a boy friend, your finger instead.” She blurted out a laugh and tried to hide it. Ah the bird is mine. “Come on... you can tell your name atleast...” I said. “Neha...” “Well Neha... I’m not good with names. I’m great with numbers. Can I get your number?”

This is where everything flipped 180. You know the girls, how they try to be smart. She said, “8”. I was like eight? I was expecting the remaining 8 digits. I asked, “Just 8?”
She said, “That’s my sandal size...” with a smile, you know when you have accomplished something. Nothing big,but it’s a big deal for you, like 1st rank in 3rd grade. I was really pissed off. Trying to be smart eh...

I said," Thats great... I'm seven... And I'm not talking about my sandals"


Trauma Queen said...

ayyyo only

aajkal ke bacche log!

btw this is copy-catting of a really lame cadbury's ad.

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